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Our Mission: 

At CM's Naturals, we're dedicated to providing quality natural and organic products that serve your health and cosmetic needs, all while celebrating the beauty of Black culture. We're keeping your hair on FLEEK, your skin on SLEEK and lauding the lingo that makes Black folks UNIQUE! Eczema? #IssaDub! Dry, brittle hair? Come get this #WERK! Whipped butters, body scrubs, all natural bath and #baeworks to show your tub love--you name it, we got it! Or it #soonficome!  

With us, you'll stay beautiful, naturally. And feel proud doing it. 

How It All Started...

CM's Naturals was founded in 2016 by naturalista Cecily Michelle. She was working in the beauty department at a local drug store when she realized that there was a high demand for effective hair and body products, but little understanding of what to buy.

"What's a good moisturizer for my hair?" "I have extremely dry skin, what can I use to help out?" "My kid has really bad eczema, which products can offer some relief?" These were all questions that customers would ask on a regular basis. Being someone who'd experimented and studied the benefits of natural healing oils for years, particularly Shea Butter, Cecily knew exactly how to help.

After realizing that there was a lack of pure, natural remedies available at her job, Ms. Michelle decided to start selling her own concoctions to customers who didn't know where else to turn. From there, she started selling to co-workers, family and friends, thus, CM's Naturals was born! 

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All sales are final and not valid for return. If there is and issue with your order, please email us at contact_cm@miss.com

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