Yo hair dry and brittle, you maf$kin' TIDE! Yo skin dry and ashy. You scared to let your dogs out in the summer time cuz yo pinky toe doing the crip walk. It's time for a change, boo. Get this lemon love and transform your skin from "ashy to classy." (Word to Big Poppa.)


Loaded with lemon and whipped to perfection, this all-in-one magic butter is just what you need to serve 99.9% of your beauty needs! #ItsCrackInAJar




Directions: For relief of eczema, rashes, vaginal infections, hemroids, and minor scraps/cuts or burns, apply twice daily until affected area heals. 


For dry scalp and dandruff, apply twice daily, or as needed. 


Ingredients: Shea Butter,* Coconut Oil,* Lemon Oil,* Castor Oil,* Vitamin E,* Tea Tree Oil,* Essential Oil Blend.*


*Certified Organic Ingredient 


That Lemon Tho: Lemon Whipped Hair & Body Butter

    • Softens, Moisturizes & Adds Shine to Hair & Skin
    • Mends Split Ends
    • Promotes Healthy Hair Growth
    • Super Nourishing Hair Mask
    • Subdues dandruff 
    • Sheens & Softens Beards
    • Hot Oil Treatment
    • Curl Enhancer 
    • Co-Wash
    • Leave-In Conditioner
    • Tames Eyebrows
    • Heals Dry, Cracked Heels, Knees & Elbows
    • Cures Eczema
    • Smooths Appearance of Stretch Marks
    • Nourishes Dry Lips
    • Prevents/treats cold sores
    • Lulls Razors Bumps
    • Repairs Rough Cuticles  
    • Removes Stubborn Makeup (Avoid Eye Area)
    • Restores Minor Cuts, Scrapes & Burns
    • Alleviates Diabetic Itch & Insect Bites
    • Hand Sanitizer 
    • Relieves feminine itch, odor & discomfort
    • Soothes & Heals Pain, Itching and Discomfort Associated with Hemorrhoids & Anal fissures
    • Cuts Down Underarm Odor (Light Deodorant) 
    • Combats Athlete's Foot
    • Keeps Razors from Dulling
    • Shoe Shine
    • Massage



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