So... why scrub your lips? 


Well, a part from the fact that they look a little dry and ashy... regularly scrubbing your soup coolers keeps them soft, hydrated and free of cracks and crust. (I mean, unless you wanna be out here looking like Pookie from New Jack City. Shrugs.)


All our #LipsLitty scrubs are packed with antioxidant rich raw honey, skin-repairing vitamin E, then juiced up with organic coconut oil. Plus, we're delievering these sweet treats at an unbeatable price! (Because who wants to pay $15 for a .8 oz. lip scrub when you can get an even better, natural one that's more than TWICE the size for $4.99?) 


Availble in luscious lemonade, juicy mango and succulent chocolate mint.


#LipsLitty: Moisturizing Lip Scrubs

  • Lemonade:

    Cane Sugar,* Coconut Oil,* Raw Local Honey, Lemon Peel,* Lemon Essential Oil.*


    Chocolate Mint:

    Cane Sugar,* Cocoa Powder,* Coconut Oil,* Raw Local Honey, Peppermint Essential Oil.*


    *Certified Organic Ingredient

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