8 ounces


  • When somebody you know waves "hi," but you scared to wave back cuz yo knuckles lookin' like the crust from Popeye's Chicken--yeah, it's time for a scrub 
  • When your beau wakes up in the morning looking like they had a night fight with Freddy Krueger cuz your crusty claws cut them AND your sheets up--yeah, it's time for a scrub. 


Get the point? Okay, here are the benefits broken down in the "proper" way:


Use this heavenly scrub to moisturize and soften dry, brittle skin. Whether it's rough, working hands, tired, aching feet, or blemished, acne-prone skin, this magical dead-skin buffer will do the trick! It reduces the appearance of dark marks, brightens, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean.


Tough on dry skin, but gentle enough for everyday use! 


  • Lavender:

    Dead sea salt, coconut oil, distilled water, lavender buds,* lavender oil,* vitamin E,* tea tree oil.*



    Dead sea salt, coconut oil, lemon peel,* lemon oil,* vitamin E,* tea tree oil.* 


    *Certified Organic Ingredient

  • Avoid contact with the eyes. 

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