About Yoni Water


Made with all-natural botanical ingredients, these floral waters will keep you finger-licking clean, all while brickwalling yeast and other embarrassing infections. Spritz on your lovely lady parts and stay all-day flower fresh! Perfect for cleaning up after using the ladies room, or on those days when you're in a rush and need to "freshen up." Can even be used as a hair and face mist, for itchy braids, locs and weaves (the lavender option), or as a cooling body spray to ward off the heat in the summer.


Put to the Test!


Keep it Fresh, Sis: Yoni Water was tested on a group of 10 women to study the effectiveness of the spray, and was proven to help with:




Our Yoni Water may also boost libido due to the rose water, which is a natural aphrodisiac and could increase blood circulation to the clitoris. (The clary sage in the lavender option is also an aphrodisiac with clitoral/penile-stimulating properties.) Therefore, you may be able to use Yoni Water to enhance the heat between your sheets! ;)


Keep It Fresh, Sis: Yoni Water

Choose scent:
    • Vaginal refresher
    • Face toner
    • Hair mist/moisturizer (seal w/ one of our Whipped Hair & Body Butters or #IssaBodyOil)
    • Anti-itch spray for locs and weaves (Lavender & Clary Sage option)
    • Armpit deodorizer 
    • Light hand sanitizer
    • Natural baby bum cleanser (baby wipe alternative)
    • Cooling face & body spray 
    • Natural Insect repellent (Lavender & Clary Sage option)
    • Irritation and itchiness relief for eczema flair-ups
    • May boost sexual pleasure (depends on the woman)

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